Communicate with customers builts relationships

Through regular communication with customers, a company is able to gain a better understanding of them, display its commitment, share knowledge, and overall make customers feel valued and important.


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Being able to communicate effectively is one of the most important life skills to learn.

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    What is TellAll

    Send personalized announcements, interactive presentations and news to your entire mailing list & track every single mailing to see who is viewing your materials.


    Responsive Design

    Design Newsletters and Announcements that are fully responsive. Customers get the right formal automatically optimized for whatever device they use.


    High Quality Cusomization

    Use our sophisticated tools to fully customize your communications to fit your individual need.


    Easy to Use

    No need to have any programming or design knowledge. if you can handle a word processors, you will be able to design beautiful communication.


    Stylish Look

    Use our state of the art drag and drop editor to create a look that impresses your customers.


    Speed Work

    Create beautiful communications in minutes and start sending targeted communications to your customer in no time.


    Gain an Edge

    With regular targeted communication you gain an edge over your competition.


    About TellAll

    TellAll is a cutting-edge Internet tool that assists companies to reach their clients, en masse, personally, affordably and creatively.

    TellAll, is the product of countless hours of frustration dealing with off-the-shelf CRM (Customer Relationship Management) products which were inflexible and offered very little in relationship enhancement technology. To positively impact business relationships utilizing Internet technologies to reproduce the warmth of a person-to-person interaction.
    TellAll accomplishes this goal because it was formed with real-world scenarios in mind. TellAll is a globally accessible, personalized business communications tool designed for Sales, Marketing and Customer Relationship Professionals.

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    TellAll Pricing & Plans

    Professionalism does not have to be expensive. See our competitive plans that fit everyone needs.

    9900per month


    • 2 Lists
    • 1 Gb Storage
    • 5000 Messages
    • Support online
    14900per month


    • 10 Lists
    • 2GB Storage
    • 10000 Messages
    • Support online
    19900per month


    • 10 Lists
    • 20000 Messages
    • 5GB Storage
    • Premium support
    39900per month


    • Unlimited Lists
    • 40000 Messages
    • 10GB Storage
    • API Access
    • Premium support